Urban Melange November Issue


URban Melange November Issue


There has been a spark in the season. Not just in this part of the world where firecrackers and crude blasts have left behind smoke and dust, but across the continents from North America to Down Under where women’s voice has stoked literary fire.

Closer home, the recently concluded three-day Kasauli Literature Festival, was packed with women, both writers and readers even as the region is warming up to two more lit fests Chandigarh Literature Festival and Literati 2013 this month. Urban Mélange takes pride in dedicating this issue to women who have asserted their ‘right’ to write amidst the humdrum of a household. The cover story weaves words and voices that pierce preconceived notions about a woman.

We have, in this edition, many more women and men who have defied stereotypes. Zulfiqar Khan fits our ‘Extraordinary’ frame with his theatre of ‘change’. Canvas plays up the space that theatre can and should make use of. Likewise, filmmaker Anup Singh talks about his unconventional Qissa in the Interview section.

With this issue, UM takes another leap. Look out for a copy of the lifestyle magazine on stands in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore if you happen to travel out of Punjab. The extremely encouraging response by our readers has made us stride into metros.