Urban Melange November Issue


URban Melange November Issue


There has been a spark in the season. Not just in this part of the world where firecrackers and crude blasts have left behind smoke and dust, but across the continents from North America to Down Under where women’s voice has stoked literary fire.

Closer home, the recently concluded three-day Kasauli Literature Festival, was packed with women, both writers and readers even as the region is warming up to two more lit fests Chandigarh Literature Festival and Literati 2013 this month. Urban Mélange takes pride in dedicating this issue to women who have asserted their ‘right’ to write amidst the humdrum of a household. The cover story weaves words and voices that pierce preconceived notions about a woman.

We have, in this edition, many more women and men who have defied stereotypes. Zulfiqar Khan fits our ‘Extraordinary’ frame with his theatre of ‘change’. Canvas plays up the space that theatre can and should make use of. Likewise, filmmaker Anup Singh talks about his unconventional Qissa in the Interview section.

With this issue, UM takes another leap. Look out for a copy of the lifestyle magazine on stands in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore if you happen to travel out of Punjab. The extremely encouraging response by our readers has made us stride into metros.



Bharat and Riddhima Kapoor Sahni


A designer by profession Riddhima Kapoor Sahni, tied the knot with Bharat Sahni, a Delhi business man in 2006, and the couple were blessed with a baby girl last year. Riddhima belongs to one of the oldest families in the Indian film industry and is the daughter of Bollywood sweethearts Rishi and Neetu Kapoor.Image

Having turned down offers to join the film industry, Riddhima chose to pursue a career in fashion. Bestowed with beauty and elegance, Riddhima is considered to be a fashionista for her contemporary style and has walked the ramp for many renowned designers like Suneet Verma and Surily Goel.

Bharat Sahni, an alumnus of Modern School, Vasant Vihar, completed his Bachelor of Business Administration from Ohio State University, USA. In 2002, Bharat joined the family business of textiles started by his late grand- father, RL Sahni, which was amongst the first dyeing and printing mills to be set up in North India. 

Bharat loves spending time with his wife and feels that playing with Samara is his greatest stress buster after an exhausting day at work. “Our lives have completely changed after I gave a birth to Samara”, says Riddhima.

Going back to her college days, Riddhima remembers the first time when she met Bharat through a common friend. “Our story started in the year 1997 when I met Bharat in London. Then, in 2001, I again met Bharat in a wedding in Mumbai and that’s when we really got to know each other and thereafter, we started seeing each other. We dated for about five years, and after coming back from London, I introduced Bharat to my parents”, adds Riddhima.

Riddhima grew up thinking of an ideal husband and today after spending six years; she proudly says that there couldn’t be anyone better than him. “He is the one I always dreamt of. He is a mixture of everything, a real sweetheart and I am very lucky to have him”, adds Riddhima.

Riddhima is a down to earth person who feels that “Love is selfless, unconditional and forever and all I can say is that I have got the love of my life”.

Describing some special moments or the sweetest thing that Bharat has done for her, the smiling beauty says, “Everything that he does is straight from the heart. Though, he is not that romantic, the little things he does are very touching”.

Riddhima who feels that marriage has brought out the best in her says, “It feels great when you are married to a person who loves you more than you do, it is the most beautiful feeling. Like every couple we had own ups and downs in our relationship and have had our biggest highs and greatest lows. We have had fights but since Samara was born, we have got closer all the more”, smiles Riddhima adding that it depends who makes up first after a fight, however, the one who starts a fight, initiates first. 

Best gift ever from Bharat: My Daughter Samara.

What are his weaknesses and strengths: Samara.

What makes him laugh: Samara again.

What makes him angry: When he is busy and can’t spend time with Samara.

The best advice you got from him: Not to expect anything from anyone.

What according to you is his worst habit: His open mouth (She Laughs)

One unusual talent in him that surprised you: He is smart and talented and above all he is a wonderful father.

What was your first impression of him: he came across as a very down to earth guy.

What kind of wedding did you have?

My wedding was like a fairytale wedding, for which I thank my Mom and Dad who did every little thing with their own hands. My parents didn’t leave out a single friend, including the film fraternity. 

Hardeep Singh Cheema: Owns Cheema Boilers

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Hardeep Singh Cheema and his wife

Cheema Boilers is a venture that was started by four brothers of Cheema family in the years 1999. The four now togetherly owns and manages Cheema Boilers.  Hardeep Singh Cheema, the youngest among the four brothers looks after the day to day operations and marketing of the company. Married to Tejinder Kaur for some 25 years, Hardeep Singh Cheema is known for his anger in a disguised form, however, both his sons Satbir Singh Cheema and Amardeep Singh Cheema just loves him.


The family is a true food lover, which prefers everything bring prepared at home. They believe in style and statement and love to shop around the town. Their harm house in Bazpur (Uttarkhand) is meant for their perfect holiday destination.  The family car just simple cars.

Favourite Brand: Hardeep Singh Cheema – Roymonds, Louis Philippe, Jetinder Kaur – Tommy Hilfiger, Pepe, Satbir Singh – Reid and Taylor, Amandeep Singh – Louis Philippe,

Shopping Destination:  The family loves shopping around the city beautiful, Sector 17 and London

Favourite Destination in North India: Farm House – Bazpur (Uttarkhand), Amardeep – Goa

Favourite Destination Abroad: Hardeep Singh Cheema – China, Singapore, America, Jetinder Kaur – Singapore , Satbir Singh – London

Favourite Food: The couple loves Tandoori, Mutton, and Poke, Satbir – Italian, Amardeep – Continental

Favourite Eating Joint: They just anything and everything made at home.

Amardeep loves dogs, while his father has least interest in pets.

Place to be at home: Bedroom , Terrace


Satbir and Amardeep

the City: Satbir Singh – I just love the weather of the city beautiful, Amardeep – I love handing around the Geri Route, love the way the people live life

Family Bounding

“We love our parents”, says the two sons. “He means a lot for me, the way he carry himself, I just love him. His positivity and motivation has thought me a lot in particular. It is always important to be with the family. The love, care and support one gets from the family are matchless. Moreover, the name that one gets is from the family”, says Satbir. Amandeep adds, “The manner, culture and tradition is what family is”.

“My family is unique. While, my husband shouts at me, my children love me shouting on them. However, they are sensitive, I just love them. Cheema is a blend of cocktails of qualities and wisdom. All am waiting is a daughter-in-law”, says Jetinder Kaur,  the Home Minsiter of the Cheema Family.

Business Involvement

While, Hardeep Singh Cheema looks after the day to day operations and marketing of the company, his eldest brother Harjinder Singh Cheema is a Core Engineer. Balwinder Singh Cheema manages the family properties, agriculture, while, A.S.Cheema is into the Commercial and Finance division.

Satbir, the elder son is all set to join the family business. Satbir has just completed his MBA in marketing, while his younger son is still studying in SD College.


Cheema Boilers Limited, popularly known as CBL is a trusted name in the field of Indian Boiler Industry. It is known for its commitment, competence and compliance. CBL was established in the year 1999 to provide complete solution to steam generation needs. The Company is engaged in manufacturing of Steam Boilers, Pollution Control Equipments, Fluidized Bed Conversion and energy saving Devices.

It’s visionary Mr. Harjinder Singh Cheema, CBL Managing Director, along with his Brothers, now CBL Directors started this Company. Presently, The Company is manufacturing all types of Boilers to meet
the requirement of Process and Power Industries. CBL has got its own manufacturing facilities at Kurali, 25 kms from Chandigarh, near Ropar and Corporate Office at Mohali (Chandigarh). The company has more than half a dozen offices pan India.

In last 10 years of operation, the Company has established its name in Boiler Industry in India & abroad with a man power of almost 500 people. With a turnover of around 200 crore, the company has already drawn an ambitious long term plans to meet growing demands of energy in India and abroad.

Monica Malhotra Kandhari: MBD GROUP

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Ms Monica Malhotra along with her Ms Sonica Malhotra

Senior executive director, Radisson Hotel (Noida), director, MBD Publishing House, interior designer, author, real estate developer, a successful entrepreneur

Into business at a tender age of 13, Late. Ashok Kumar Malhotra always had a vision of doing something different in the field of education. Having interest in books, Mr Malhotra got a change to prove himself when all of sudden, the entire syllabus got changed. Mr Malhotra himself sat and wrote the new book and from there it was no looking back for the name behind MBD Group. The group is into Hospitality, retail and the real estate, publishing and many more.

After his death (December 2009, the business is now managed by his daughters Monica Malhotra Kandhari and Sonica Malhotra. Both Monica and Sonica Malhotra are married and leading a happy married life. Monica Malhotra Kandhari has been married to Tarun Kandhari and is blessed with a son (Dhruv ) and a daughter (Shrey), while Sonica is tied her knot with Naveen Kandhari.


A leader in business, Monica Malhotra Kandhari is more of a family oriented person. She loves to spend her time with her family, and avoid socializing.

Best Place to be at in Home: Lobby with Children and her husband

Favorite Brands: I love brands and too many to counts. Clothing I like Versace, Shoes – Beretta. Tarun – Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein

Shopping Destination: Everything is available inIndianow. SoDelhiis one place where I shop for all my luxuries

Favorite Hotel – Her own five star hotel, Radisson MBD

Favorite Cuisine –Oriental

Favorite eating joint – Monica loves her own restaurant “RED”

Desserts – I love eating at “S-18” and crazy for designer chocolates & cakes at its pastry shop

Favorite Hill Station ofNorth India: South,

Abroad -Switzerland,South Africa

Family Bounding:

This five membered family loves spending time with each other. Not into socializing, Monica and her husband loves being with their children. “We are united and closed knitted. As soon as I finish my work, the first thing that closes to my mind is my children and eagerness to reach back home. Saturdays and Sundays are spent with family at home”, says Monica.

Business Involvement:

The real estate business is managed by Ms Monica Malhotra Kandhari, Senior Executive Director and Ms Sonica Malhotra Executive Director.

Ms Monica Malhotra Kandhari is the Senior Executive Director of MBD. A dynamic businesswoman, Monica has managed the publishing business, project management, design aesthetics and macro business management.

Ms Sonica handles key projects in hospitality and real estate sector, right from project planning to execution and is also responsible for branding, positioning and assisting in expansion plans of the group.

Monica creativity blossomed in the form of Interiors with a difference Œ at the Group Œs offices and The Radisson MBD Hotel.

“His outstanding services, achievements, and contributions to the publishing industry, earned him the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Federation of India Publishers, Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award – 1995 and 2006 and also an award for Excellence in Book Publishing from Indo-Canadian Times in 1996. He was a senate member ofGuruNanakDevUniversity”, opines the lady.


What began as a small publishing company three decades ago, has over the years, turned into a complete printing, paper manufacturing and publishing solutions company having its own completely in-sourced printing, publishing and self-owned sales and distribution network, employing more than 4000 employees in India. It is distinguished as the only publishing house inIndiawith complete backward and forward integration.

With a wide network of 35 offices across the country, MBD is the only publishing house which has complete backward and forward integration with its own paper mills, and five state-of-the-art printing presses.

Driven by the philosophy of quality, trust and professionalism and a presence spanning three decades, the group entered the hospitality industry two years ago with the launch of Radisson MBD Hotel Noida and is currently developing premium hospitality projects across Northern India such as MBD Neopolis,Ludhianaand Jalandhar. The group also has aggressive plans for mixed use development inAmritsar,Patiala, Mumbai,Bangalore,HyderabadandGoa.

The MBD Group isIndia’s largest Publishing House with more than 4 decades of experience. The MBD Group under futuristic vision of Mr. A.K. Malhotra, Chairman and managing director, has diversified into various industries including Paper Manufacturing, Hospitality, real Estate, Mall Development and management and e-learning. It is the only publishing house inIndiawith complete background and forward integration, right from self owned paper manufacturing unit to editing, designing, type-setting, offset printing, binding and finally reaching the readers through its own distribution network with more than 32 branch offices all acrossIndia.

Dinesh Seghal and Family: The owners of style and Luxury

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Dinesh Sehgal is a name synonymous to luxury and well known for having introduced Italia

Dinesh Seghal and his family

n luxury brands to Delhi’s elite. The 46 year old legacy have boutiques for Versace, Corneliani, Cadini and many other ultra luxurious,  most sought after names of the world.
After retailing diverse brands and creating a name of trust over many years of triumph, Mr. Dinesh Sehgal turned a name into a vision. Of that vision was born the Blues Jewellery Company. His guidance with the sensibilities and youth of his two sons, Nitesh and Udit Sehgal gives BJC a promising future. Mrs. Harsh Sehgals proactiveness is a constant motivation.
Being surrounded by brands, Sehgals love hanging around, wearing new n different brands and around travelling. An alumni from Summerfields School New Delhi and the Delhi University, Mr. Sehgal enjoys reading market research reports on the retail trade in India and chalking out business plans for the future.

Best Place to be at in Home – Bed room
Favourite Brands – Corneliani
Automobiles: BMW
Shopping Destination – Milan, Italy
Favourite Eating Joint – Dum Pukht
Favourite Hill Station of North India and Aboard – Kullu Manali , India and Como, Italy

Favourite Sports – Snooker

Business Involvement
Dinesh Sehgal has been a pioneer in the luxury apparel segment and created a long lasting brand name out of Blues Clothing Company. He has already started the transition at BCC from just a retail brand to a vertically integrated apparel company. Today BCC successfully operates stand alone boutiques for Versace, Versace Collection, Corneliani and Cadini, providing world class luxury retail ambience for these brands. Each brand that is represented by BCC has its own exclusive identity, history, style, attitude and market niche.

Mrs. Harsh Sehgal is the Director at Blues Jewellery Company. She has a superior sense of aesthetics and is managing Blues Jewelry Company. She is involved with merchandise selection, pricing, designing,
marketing etc.

Mr. Udit Sehgal, who has a keen interest in jewelry and holds a certificate in Diamond Grading. HE is a certified Gemologist. He also holds a B.Sc in Marketing. He has been behind the inception of Blues Jewelry Company and now actively manages the same.

Mr. Nitesh Sehgal holds a degree in Marketing from University of Bradford, UK; a certificate in fashion Marketing from Instituto Europeo Di Design, Milan, Italy and is currently perusing MBA by distance learning from SMC University, Switzerland. He is a director in Blues Clothing Company and contributes in board meetings. He is actively involved in the day-to-day operations. He also contributes towards marketing in Blues Jewellery Company.


Blues Clothing Company (BCC) has been a well known retailer of fashion apparel accessory brands for the past 2 decades. It became the highest suit seller in the country by successfully introducing well – known Italian brands to the Indian market. After retailing diverse brands, BCC has found a success mantra by tying up with the most desirable names in the fashion world. Today BCC successfully operates stand alone boutiques for Versace, Versace Collection , Corneliani and Cadini, providing world class luxury retail ambience for these brands.

Mr. Dinesh Sehgal has been an entrepreneur par excellence. BCC portfolio also includes Royal Blues which houses the premium ethnic selection from reputed Indian designers. Another innovative concept developed by BCC is – Bench & bar. This offers customised outfits for the needs of legal professionals where as Su Misura provides custom made tailoring for all shapes and sizes. The customised tailroing & exclusive fabric section at the Blues bring the finest variety in suiting fabrics from the world renowned names of Ermenegildo Zegna , Lanificio Cerruti , Drapers , Loro Piana , Scabal and Dormeuil. It also offers customized tailoring facilities to its luxury connoisseurs.

Being one of the major players in the luxury market, BCC aims at continuously showcasing niche luxury brands and the latest fashion trends. Product innovation, quality services and efficient retail infrastructure have played a key role in positioning BCC as one of the foremost and trustworthy companies in the Luxury retail sector. With latest range of fabrics suitable for the Indian climate, BCC strives to ensure the comfort of its niche clientele.

Blues Clothing Company would be expanding in cities across India, with stand alone Versace store opening Mumbai, Hyatt –Mumbai, Taj Krishna – Hyderabad and UB City Bangalore.

The Corneliani stores are opening at Taj Palace Mumbai, Hyatt Mumbai, Taj Krishna – Hyderabad and UB City – Bangalore.

While a standalone Cadini store is in Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj– Delhi. High Fashion Turkish brand Tween is another luxury brand being introduced by BCC in India. The launch of Versace Unique, the ultra luxury mobile from Versace’s kitty is another highlight of BCC’s expansion.

Tata Motors launches Grande MK II in domestic market


Tata Motors has announced the launch of Grande MK II, an upgraded version of its premium sumo, in the domestic market.

Vehicle comes with adjustable driver seat and a state of the art CDIMP 3 music system besides a new generation 2.2 litre DICOR engine with geometry turbocharger and delivers maximum power and torque.

The new version will replace the Grand MK I version of the Sumo. The Grande MK II seeks to deliver added value to customers through substantial changes in the exteriors and interiors combined with improvements in drivability, ride and handling and comfort. The exteriors have been accentuated by a new chrome lined grill, side rub rails with chrome inserts and indicators on ORVMs. The interiors have been refreshed to give the vehicle a completely new, contemporary look with a two tone theme complemented by a new faux wood centre console and new fabric upholstery. The changed drive ratio in the Grande MK II gives a boost to low speed performance in city driving conditions. While a modified suspension ensures a comfortable ride, particularly for second and third row occupants, optimised anti-roll bars reduce body roll to a minimum during cornering. The existing low NVH levels have been further refined.

The exteriors have been accentuated by a new chrome lined grill, side rub rails with chrome inserts and indicators on the outer rear view mirrors. The interiors have been refreshed to give the vehicle a completely new, contemporary look with a two tone theme complemented by a new faux wood centre console and new fabric upholstery.

Several ergonomic improvements have been made in the Grande MK II — significant among  these are a smaller steering wheel with floating horns, a grab handle on the ‘C’ pillar to aid egress of third row passengers, and new inner door handles. The Grande MK II carries forward the class leading features of the earlier version such as best in class third row seats and lowest turning circle radius of 5.25 m in the category, in addition to having one of the best fuel efficiencies in its class. Dual HVAC with roof integrated louvers, motorised ORVMs, height adjustable driver’s seat and a state of the art CD/MP3 music system are some of the other features Grande MK II continues to sport. The vehicle is powered by the new generation 2.2 litre DICOR engine fitted with a variable geometry turbocharger which delivers maximum power and torque of 120 PS and 250 Nm respectively.

The Grande MK II will be available in 3 variants – top of the line Gx, Ex, and Lx with a seating capacity ranging between 7 and 9 seats in front and side facing configurations. The vehicle will be available in three new colours, Walnut Gold, Platinum Beige and Castle Grey. The Grande MK II is priced in the range of Rs. 6.42 lakhs to Rs. 7.49 lakhs (ex-showroom, Chandigarh). It comes with a warranty of 2 years or 75,000 kms (whichever is earlier). An additional 2 years’ warranty can be availed through the extended warranty option. Customers would be able to accessorize the Grande MK II with a host of accessories available at dealerships across the country.

A refinement and versatility redefine D- segment, the all new Chevrolet Cruze


With coupe-like design proportions, comfortable interiors and class leading features, the new Chevrolet Cruze makes a fresh brand design statement. The new Tailored Design is here.

The Cruze reinterprets the traditional Sedan with drama, confidence and a decidedly upscale, which will be offered in two variants – LT and LTZ and in six exciting colors of manual transmission.“Chevrolet has become a driving force in India’s vehicle market,” says Mr. Karl Slym, President and Managing Director, GM India. “The Cruze has been receiving rave reviews since its recent debut in some other markets. 



 The auto Journalists in India who had test driven the vehicle for their technical auto magazines and previews on TV channels have  rated it as the best in its segment for its unique  product attributes.  It builds on the reputation of the brand for attractive design, great performance and outstanding fuel economy in the D-segment.  We expect it to perform well against established D-segment players”.

The Cruze is the result of a development process that fully harnessed GM’s expertise.  It is the first of a new family of global products from GM that delivers world class quality. It is also one of the key drivers of the global expansion of Chevrolet.  Following its market introduction recently, the Cruze is being rolled out in many countries around the globe. It is backed by the highest scores in major crash safety ratings.  The Chevrolet Cruze received the maximum five-star China New Car Assessment Program (CNCAP) rating, while its sibling, the Holden Cruze, received the maximum five-star Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) rating, which is the highest score for any vehicles in its segment.

“The Cruze is all about value, refinement and power-packed diesel performance combined with an array of unique features. When you add it all up, the Cruze offers everything any discerning Indian car buyer could want in a Sedan at a price point that represents uncontestable value for money. This is a vehicle that we expect to be an instant hit!” Mr. Slym states. 

Bold yet Stylist Exterior Design:

The Cruze is the widest and the longest car in its segment, which along with its aggressive front face gives it a strong road presence, Taut, tightly drawn bodywork conveys solidity while restrained use of exterior trim enhances the car’s high quality feel. Though, the chassis is developed in Germany, but the modifications are done with Indian roads in mind.

An arching roofline, extending from the steeply raked windshield into the slim rear pillars, is the defining exterior feature of the Cruze. Combined with a relatively short rear deck, it brings four door coupe- like looks to this segment for the first time.

Visually appealing interior Design:

 The bold yet purposely design ethic and attention to details carries over to the interior, where a Corvette inspired twin cockpit motif is matched with the high quality material and exceptional assembly tolerances. Grained, soft touch components and low gloss trim exude a quality that us uncommon in the segment.

 “GM’s investment in manufacturing the Cruze in India is a demonstration of our sustained commitment to making Chevrolet the most admired and preferred vehicle brand in this country. We believe this vehicle is the right product for India because of the unique product features and fine tuning that were carried out to meet the requirements of our consumer, climatic and driving conditions. As a result, we expect the Chevrolet Cruze to set new benchmarks in its segment. By introducing products like Cruze with class leading features, we look forward to continue building on the brand’s success nationwide”, he adds.

To enhance the customer experience, we have further expanded our network. As on today, GM India has 195 sales points and 198 authorised service outlets across the country. “ We intend to take it to 250 sales points and an equal number of authorized service outlets by the close of this financial year. In addition, we have also set up 4 parts distribution centres at Talegaon, Halol, Chennai and Delhi to ensure easy availability of parts”, he further adds

The unveiling of the Cruze follows GM India’s launches of Captiva AT and Spark LPG this year. 

General Motors India is a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Motors Company and has two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at Halol in Gujarat and Talegaon in Maharashtra. General Motors India manufactures the Chevrolet Optra Magnum, Chevrolet Aveo, Chevrolet SRV, Chevrolet Aveo U-VA, Chevrolet Spark, Chevrolet Tavera and Chevrolet Captiva for the Indian market.


Dimension (mm) : Length: 4597, Width: 1788, Height: 1477, Wheelbase: 2685, Ground Clearance: 165,

Kerb Weight (kgs) : 1520

Engine : No of Cylinders: 4, Displacement (cc): 1991, Power (Ps@rpm): 150@4000, Torque (Nm@rpm): 327 @ 2600, Engine Type: VCDi 16V SOHC,

Suspension: Front: McPherson Strut with Linear Cylindrical coil spring and Tubular Stabilizer Bar system,

Rear: Compound Crank Type with Non-Linear, Mini-Block coil spring/ Front and Rear Shock Absorbers: Twin tube gas pressure type

 Brakes : Front: Disc, Rear: disc,

Transmission; 5 Speed Manual

Wheel: 6.5J x 16 Alloy

Tyre: 205/60 R16