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One of the most fashionable five star deluxe business hotel, RADISSON MBD HOTEL, NOIDA is located at a close proximity fromConnaught Place.

A 20 minute drive from the central business district of Delhi, RADISSON MBD is owned and is being promoted by the MBD Group, which is the largest publishing house inIndia. For this property, the MBD group has entered into a franchise agreement with Radisson Hotels & Resorts, a group company of Carlson Hotels Worldwide.

What makes Radisson unique:

From the artwork displayed in the public areas and rooms of the hotel to the very stylised uniforms worn by the staff, specially designed by the noted fashion designer Ritu Beri.

Sprawled across an area of 8000 sq metres, the hotel has 126 rooms of which 11 are luxury rooms, which are spacious, contemporary in style and design and present a perfect blend of luxury with modernity. The Prive rooms are a set of 11 rooms where the guests can expect the finest in living in the privacy of the wing which not only offers controlled access to the area but also offers personalized services catering to the individual needs of the guests.

Apart from the regular features the hotel has special rooms for the physically challenged. The hotel offers a combination of twin and king size bedded rooms with options of smoking and non-smoking rooms. Radisson MBD has an exclusive Club Floor with an Executive lounge and complimentary breakfast for the Club Rooms.

Radisson MBD Hotel offers four dining options, which cater to the varied and individual preferences of guests. These include:

Made in India – Made in India is a culinary journey where diners now have access to a unique experience, which brings together the New Age with the Old Age. The pride in the traditional Indian cuisine, the master chefs have introduced the “Futuristic cuisine” which marks the evolution of the Indian cuisine as it would be desired by the future palate.

The traditional Indian masterpieces include the rare and forgotten recipes like the centuries old Dorra Kebab which is the signature dish at Made In India and which has been recreated and introduced by the Chefs at Made In India.

What We Saw:

Made inIndiareflects self-indulgence and luxury a beautiful culmination of the opulence of the erstwhile Indian royalties and the contemporary Indian design. The restaurant creates a theatrical experience by exaggerating objects which are predominant inIndia’s centuries old history.

The Prakash Yantra is a modern version of Jantar Mantar along with “THE MAHARAJA TABLE” a virtual chess board which adds to the royalty to the restaurant Graphics and miniature paintings are used extensively as decoration on the ceiling blended with light hues to create an ethereal space. These blended with the light hues create an ethereal space with the inscription of the DEVANAGRI script. Transparent fabric and virtual chess boards have been created to define spaces of varying character within the restaurant.

While the huge eight copper pillars are inspired from the pillars in the  palaces of The Maharajas one of the pillars  ,the traditional charcoal tandoors are given contemporary look with  circular pattern of ropes around  them. Untreated copper a rich looking metal has been used extensively. The copper changes color overtime which symbolizes the cyclic nature of the place.

Ambient music is a highlight as Indian sounds filter into the space through the coves. It is an eclectic restaurant where diners now have access to a unique experience, which brings together the New Age with the Old Age.

R.E.D [Rare Eastern Dining]- a restaurant which offers new experiences in oriental food with a show wok kitchen and interactive stations that give guests the choice of cooking a great meal for their families and friends.

What You Get:

R.E.D serves interpretations of classic far eastern cuisine fromJapan,China,ThailandMalaysia &Singapore. The menu also offers a selection of customized Signature dishes designed by the reputed Singaporean Chef Raymond Sim.

R.E.D stands for Rare Eastern Dining. The colour red is also a strong symbol of oriental culture & history, as illustrated by the flags of RedChina &Japan. Red also stands for the sheer energy & vitality of the East. The logo represents the vibrant, hi-tech & fashionable New East – crisp, contemporary & chic.

R.E.D. reflects a brand new cultural phenomenon – the New East. This is a cosmopolitan, hi-tech world, where ancient, historical boundaries are being re-drawn by business jets and broadband. As this cultural & economic revolution continues to gather momentum, its spectacular culinary spin-offs are being served up at R.E.D.

What We Saw:

R.E.D. is intensely interactive. It features the uniquely designed concept of induction tables – where diners can personally cook for their guests with skilled support from our chefs. Less adventurous guests can simply select their ingredients and catch all the action at the show kitchens. R.E.D. looks ravishing. That’s because every single element is eastern, including the impeccable interiors designed by P49, the Thailand-based design group.

R.E.D. also hosts a sea food festival every year titled as Sim’s Seafood Studio. So far five successful edition of Sims seafood studio  have been launched .This year’s Sim’s Seafood Studio starred the delectable soft shell crabs, Steamed Oysters with Black bean sauce; the Black Pepper Crab, Wok Tossed Lobster. Star Chef Sim was back with exotic creations that added to his repertoire this year.

At R.E.D, one can have much more than alternative versions of dishes one will already find in other oriental restaurants.

S-18 is a 24-hour brassiere that serves world cuisine and where each order is customised to the guest’s specific taste and preferences.

@Links is an informal and trendy bar that has on its menu an excellent range of wines and liquors, which can be had with the finest of cigars and a wide variety of coffee from across the continents. Expansive selections of teas & coffees from five continents we offer the essence of the world’s purest and most ancient delicacies

The Chocolate BoxTM – an exclusive pastry shop and Boulangiere with designer Swiss Chocolates, cakes & more, for the ultimate chocolaty experience. It prescribes to the high standards of innovation, style and excellence that is unique to the Radisson MBD Hotel Noida’s efforts and promotions in all spheres of operation.

To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay, the hotel presents a pure indulgence zone for the senses, Espace– a spa that offers it all under one roof. Well-trained attendants and therapists work out special menus for the body and soul with personalized attention.

A spa specially conceived to take the body and mind to new heights of inspiration and rejuvenation; Espace brings in the concept of the best of beauty and balance under one roof. This is a spa, not just about de-stress or de-tox. Energy zones have been created in each of the Espace areas; the studio offers dance and aerobics classes’ holistic wellness beyond the conventional and allows exploring one’s horizons.

A pure indulgence zone for the senses, Espace is a spa that offers it all under one roof. A spa specially conceived to take your body and mind to new heights of inspiration and rejuvenation; Espace brings in the concept of the best of beauty and balance under one roof.

Our Verdict:

Radisson MBD Hotel is in every sense a fashionable hotel.



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